Just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for making Yael's party so special today. She and her friends had a fantastic time.


Dawn Carolla says: We just had my daughters 8th birthday party at The Lanyard Ladies this past weekend and I couldn't have been happier! The Ladies and their staff were friendly and fun. My daughter and all of her friends had an amazing time and they were able to make several kinds of crafts, which they loved! They are all exchanging their crafts that they are making from the friendship braclet kit that we purchased which allows the party to continue! Thanks again Ladies!

These ladies came in for my daughters' 12th birthday and what a hit - as
the girls were older I was a little concerned that this may not keep
their interest but boy was I wrong... not only did it keep their
interest it has kept them busy in car rides for a few days after.  The
ladies were fabulous, kind, funny, helpful and were great with the
girls. I have no problem reccommending them for a party and have done so
for some of my friends.  I could see this being a great event for the
girl scouts, block party or small group.... fun time had by all and made
my life easier for a group of picky girls.  Also, they came with all
their equipment & goody bags with activities so there really was nothing
to get prepared and that was a treat for me.  These Moms did a great job
and I will keep them in my party plans for the future... If you want
something different for a reasonable price call these ladies and they
take all the work out of the party leaving you time to enjoy your party.

Jane Butler from Northport, Long Island says, "My daughter's birthday party was a bit hit! The girls had so fun much and The Lanyard Ladies were wonderful. They were professional and organized. They were great teachers. They made every bracelet so easy to make. We didn't want the party to end! I would recommend them for your next party. They were great! Thank you Lanyard Ladies."


Julianna Robinson from Queens, New York says, " LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The lanyard Ladies. They came with so many choices of string and lanyard and so many activities to do.  Everyone should have a friendship bracelet party. It was so different then anything we have ever done. AWESOME!!!!"


Gloria Hernandez from Lynbrook, New York says,"Such a great idea! We had an amazing time.  We love The Lanyard Ladies! My daughter and her friends had so much fun. They helped us make a wonderful birthday memory for my daughter and our family. I would recommend them to everyone."


Alexandra and Bob Harris from Rockville Center, New York says "Genius idea! Fantastic party! Loved The Lanyard Ladies. Heidi and Colleen were very professional, fun and have an amazing skill for making bracelets. We all had a great time. Can't wait for next year to have them back again."

           Jennifer Malden from Merrick says "THE LANYARD LADIES ARE AWESOME!!! Best birthday party my daughter has ever had!! I recommend The Lanyard Ladies to everyone!"

Hi Lanyard Ladies,
I want to thank you for donating your time and talent to Robbie's
Run! You put so many smiles on the children's faces because of your act of kindness.
A more formal thank you note will be going out from the foundation but I wanted to personally thank you. 
Fondly, Leslee Arbesfeld